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The Arizona Cactus Wrens are proud to host the greatest collection of women’s baseball photographs on the internet today.  Besides being President & GM of the Cactus Wrens, Richard Hopkins is also known worldwide as the best photographer of women’s baseball.  One of his photos appears on the cover of “Stolen Bases,” and is one of the 2500 photos he took chronicling Team USA in the 2008 World Cup in Japan.  In April 2009, the Associated Press used only his photos in their article on women’s baseball in the Olympic Games.  Several of his photos are scheduled to appear on CNN as Jennifer Ring discusses “Stolen Bases” during an interview.  Please email us if you have any questions or comments about any of the photos.  Please click on the link below for page 2 of our photo collection.

Photo Page 2Las Vegas Memorial Day 2009



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Team USA Phoenix SaturdayTeam USA Phoenix Saturday

Australia Southern Stars

@ San Diego Bandits


Saturday 081410 Game One


Saturday 081410 Game Two


Sunday 081510 Game Three